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Goshen United Methodist History

The Goshen Methodist Church was organized in the Fall of 1910 by Rev. Thomas H. Jones. The Church met in the Congregational Church until a building could be built. Dr. J.M. Glenn, pastor of the Brantley and Glenwood Methodist Churches, was the first appointed pastor. For so many years the Church was on the Brantley, Glenwood, and Goshen Charge as the pastor could travel the circuit on the Railroad running from Andalusia to Troy.

The first building was erected in 1913 from lumber cut from logs donated by members, and much of the construction was done by labor of members and friends. During the pastorate of Rev. R.A. Foster in 1926, a twelve day Revival was held with Ted Hightower, a student preacher from Little Oak, doing the preaching. Forty-one members were added, which doubled the membership. The pastor's daughter, Susie Peach Foster, who later became a missionary, was a great help as she worked with the girls and young ladies.

In 1931 the church building burned as it caught fire from an old school next door being used as a storage warehouse. Through an exchange of property with the town of Goshen, the new church building was relocated to the present site.

In 1952 Goshen was removed from the Brantley Charge and put with Camp Ground, where it remained until 1959, when Goshen was placed with Henderson and Little Oak to form the Goshen Charge.

The parsonage was built in 1958-59. In 1973 a small fellowship hall was built. In the 1970's under the strength and guidance of "The Early-Riser Men's Club," many improvements were made to the Church, including brick veneer of the Church, new steeple, remodeling, additional property acquired, and Tennis courts built for young people.

In the spring of 1989 we enlarged the fellowship hall and connected it to the sanctuary with two nice restrooms, two classrooms and a pastor's study. This was made possible by a generous Trust Fund set up by Mrs. Lucy Sanders and her son, AI and his wife Joyce Sanders, and generous gifts and support from the membership of our Church.

In the spring of 1993 our Bell Tower was constructed. This was a gift from Mrs. Rosalie Finlay Sikes in memory of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Finlay.






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