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    In 1882, the Rev. J. Nelson, Episcopal Circuit Rider, preached at the Congregational Methodist Church in Henderson, AL (Pike County).  He later expressed his intentions of organizing a Methodist Episcopal Church in the village.  It was reported in the  TROY MESSENGER  newspaper in May 1884 that the Rev. Nelson was preaching at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Henderson.

    There is no record of where the congregants met, but one lady remembered that someone told her there used to be a church built of logs just below the Henderson  stores where they met.

    No specific deed has been located.  Based on another deed in Deed Book #14, page 269, dated June 26, 1900 states, "A. H. Sanders paid $600.00 to  J. M. Sanders for property in the NW1/4 of SW1/4 Section 17, Township 8, Range 20, except two lots - one of which had been deeded to J. J. Stallings and the other (1 acre) belonging to G. S. Johnson who had deeded it for the Methodist Church."

    On March 15, 1910, E. A. Easters who was the Trustee of the Henderson Church turned the property over to the Trustees of the Troy Circuit of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South for the sum of #1.00.

    Formal records were poorly kept during those first years, however beginning in 1902 a list of the pastors were kept and the first one named is F. A. Rogers in 1902.

    During WWII the original building (not the log building) was in such dis-repair that the members decided a new building was a must.  They put forth special effort and the present cement block building was erected.

    The first sermon in the new building was preached by Pastor Rev. John Carmichael on Homecoming Day, the second Sunday in November 1945.

    Over the years some of the young people went into Christian ministries - pastors, chaplains and missionaries.

    In 2002, the church building was renovated inside and enthusiasm peaked.

    The membership is small today, but the spirit is great as they gather for morning worship two Sundays a month.  The church still meets the Apportionments annually and continues to contribute to the Methodist Children's Home.

    The church is part of the Goshen United Methodist Charge and presently is pastored by the Rev. Andy Blackmon.







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