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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Scripture ref: John 19:40-42 and 20:19-23

     Letís imagine that it is Saturday in Jerusalem and we are with the disciples of Jesus Christ.  This isnít just any Saturday, though.  It is the Saturday that falls between the day of Christís crucifixion and the day of His resurrection.

     The disciples are in a long dark emotional tunnel.  Their minds are filled with sorrow, fear, guilt, and confusion.  They see nothing but darkness.

     They have sorrow because Jesus is dead.  He was their leader, teacher, and friend.  They had traveled with and learned from Him for the last three years.  He loved them and they loved Him.  Now He was gone.

     They have fear because the world is against them.  A collaboration of Temple and Roman authorities had put Christ on the cross.  The disciples could be next.  They canít be seen in public.  They have their doors locked.

     They have guilt because the deserted Jesus in His time of greatest need.  They had ran away when He was arrested, and Peter, one of those closest to Christ, had denied even knowing Jesus at His late night trial.  Christ had been there for them, but they had abandoned Him.  Did they really love Jesus as much as they thought?

     They have confusion because they had believed that Jesus was the Messiah who would deliver Israel.  They had staked their whole lives on this belief.  How could the deliverer of Israel be killed on a cross?  Was it all a lie?  If Jesus was the Son of God, why had God turned on Him?  Were they all victims of a cruel joke by a Cruel God?

     Fast forward to Sunday afternoon.  All of the disciples except Thomas are in a room with the doors locked.  They are more confused because the tomb of Christ is empty.  Where is His body?  They are still in their tunnel.

     All of a sudden, without using a door, Jesus is standing in the room!  He offers them peace, which they havenít had in days.  He proves that He is alive. The disciples are out of the tunnel.  They are standing in the light of Christ!

     We often find ourselves in dark tunnels.  They may be caused by circumstances or by our actions.  We donít have to stay in them.  Those who are Christians can call on Christ and cling to Him.  Those who arenít can repent of their sins, accept Christ, and hold on to Him.

     There is no tunnel too long or dark that Christ canít bring us out of.  He Is The Light!




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